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Sleepy Hollow Football Club

Summer Skills Camp 2018

 Every Saturday Starting 6/30 - 9AM-12PM

The summer skills program is intended to develop players beyond just schoolyard ball.
Passing, dribbling, ball control and more are the focus in small groups intended to provide
attention to detail and conditioning.

Players should come prepared with water and snacks, if needed. Due to hot temperatures, breaks will be numerous.

Program Guides
U9 and U10 Program                       U11 and U12 Program
 U9/10                              U11/12

Skills Drills

The following excellent drills were developed by SHFC coach Gary Fairley
to help promote increasing the skills of all the boys and girls in the program.
Players should practice these perhaps 30 minutes per day, similar to doing homework or practicing
an instrument, reading etc.  Practice leads to proficiency!

For demonstrations of these five skills circuits, click here for videos!
(Download these charts in Excel format here)