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The exclusive supplier of uniforms for Sleepy Hollow Football Club is Players/parents will need to acquire proper, approved kit prior to start of season, otherwise players will not be able to participate in league games. Coaches will typically send personalized uniform ordering links prior to the start of the fall season, that direct players to their exact kit for ordering.

Standard issue uniforms for SHFC consists of the following Squadra SHFC kit:

- Red home jersey with team logo unique player number.
- White away jersey with team logo unique player number.
- Black striped shorts with team logo.
- Black socks.

In some cases, uniforms may span more than one season. If the uniform number is unused by another player, and with the consent of the coach, a player may forgo new uniform purchase and use existing.

Players are responsible to acquire their own soccer cleats, maintained in good condition and age/size appropriate shin guards.

For practice, players can wear any soccer outfit that provides comfort, but is not too loose fitting; for games the team uniform must be worn. In inclement weather, if it is rainy, cold or windy, dress accordingly with layers under the uniform. Consider having an extra layer to add during half time and after the game.

The standard uniform consists of a team shirt, shorts and socks; and typically can be used for both the fall and spring season - any replacement or additional uniforms are at the players expense, so consider sizing for the growth of the player.  Shin-guards are mandatory during practices and games (inside the socks). Soft-cleated soccer shoes are recommended  (no baseball or metal cleats).

A water bottle is essential at every practice and game to ensure proper hydration. Please make sure the player has one.

Eyeglasses are allowed, provided they are made of shatterproof glass or plastic. Alternatively, players can wear eyeglasses with a protective mask. 

Players should not wear anything that can be dangerous to themselves or other players: any kind of jewelry, earrings or ornamental hair items are strictly prohibited for practices or game. Should a medical bracelet be necessary, it should be taped down against the skin with adhesive bandage.

Players with preexisting injuries such as a cast, splint, or players who have suffered or been at risk of a concussion or head injury should not play at any time without a prior examination and written clearance by a physician.

Uniform Ordering

Uniform Ordering Details (rev 2018/06/01):

The SHFC Board has agreed that the sole uniform provider will be No other kit will be acceptable. Coaches are responsible to provide/validate jersey numbers to parents, who can order on their own (PayPal/Credit Accepted).

Mandatory/standard kit is red jersey/white jersey/black shorts/black socks, approximate cost $104.
Coaches can, at their discretion ask players to order home black jersey or other kit pieces, but they are not mandated by SHFC.

Parents/players will be informed after registration of the above site and can purchase on their own. When parents have their jersey number, they can order. On each item ordered, a blank tab is present for team name/code.  For example, if your team is Fusion, please enter Fusion in this tab/space. This is to help us track orders by team. You can order without this, but it helps our coaches/club know their team is ready.

Coaches can, at their discretion, collect funds and bulk order for their entire team, which may lower shipping costs. Your coach will advise if he will order or will expect parents to order (bulk order info at bottom of this document).

Uniform ordering timing is critical - orders later than July 15 risk not getting in time for play or inferior product delivery.
After July 15th, orders will be made with presss on numbers rather than high quality dye sublimation prints.
Please make sure you order early to not be prevented from playing!

Sizing Information

Sizing is consistent with standard sizes and similar to Adidas uniforms from previous years.

You should have a good sense of your players current size; that said, it is highly recommended you
purchase at least a size larger in the jersey, as players in our youth categories grow significantly during the year.
By buying a larger size, you can stretch the longevity of the uniform on your player and not risk having to
buy again within a season if a player grows quickly.

NOTE: Additionally, there are special sizes for adult female available that take more fabric into account in the upper torso. 
Please note these women’s specific sizes start with a W.

Step-by-Step Ordering Process

1)  Go to  The four items in the top row are the mandatory
uniform items and they are labelled.  Select the red jersey first.

2)  Select size, uniform number, and quantity and add team name in tab and press add to cart.

3)  When you press add to cart a side tab appears showing what is in your cart.  Do not press view cart.
  This will take you to your cart and it is difficult to return to buy other items unless you go back to the original link
or do back arrow. Instead press the cart arrow which will close the side tab.

4)  Once the side tab is closed press next to move on to the white jersey or press back arrow to go to the original page.

5)  Repeat the steps until every item you want is in your shopping cart.

6)  Now the the side tab shows everything you want to purchase, click view cart to go pay.

7)  Click on the PayPal yellow tab and follow payment instructions.  

These are new processes, so please be patient when working on the web site and make sure to double check your sizes. 
If you have any questions, please work with your coach who will get SHFC Club or Squadra to help.

Bulk Ordering

If coaches want to order in bulk for entire or large portions of their team, fill out the attached spread sheet below, scan and/or
email to either [email protected] or to [email protected].  They will respond to your email with a billing invoice,
and advise on how to pay with either credit card, check, or wire transfer. 

Once paid, the order will come within 6 weeks. There may be some shipping savings by ordering in bulk, as well as more control of ordering, but coaches bear all responsibility for undertaking bulk orders and the club or Squadra will NOT be responsible for errors.

Click Here for Bulk Order Spreadsheet