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Sleepy Hollow Football Club


Costs will vary by age, team and year. 

As of Fall 2024, base registration fee was $500 for the year, but is subject to increase. 

Additionally, there were minimum uniform costs of approximately $150 per player. Players/parents must purchase 
uniforms through a direct link to uniform website that will be provided by coaches prior to the start of fall season.
Current uniform costs are about $100.

Depending on a team's decision to have a pro trainers, special sessions, tournaments and so on, the total cost per year 
(Fall and Spring seasons) can range between $450 (no trainer, parent coaches) and up to $800 per year
(full paid coaching, winter training, tournament fees, etc). These additional fees may be collected at the start
of the season by coaches/team administrators.

Like Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow AYSO 220, SHFC does not reject players because of financial hardship,
and limited scholarships may be available, but are not guaranteed.

What do all these fees cover?

While Sleepy Hollow Football Club is a volunteer club, and strictly non-profit, there are still a significant number of costs involved with running a league registered travel club. This includes, but is not limited to, the following costs SHFC incurs for all club/travel teams:
•  A large amount goes to WYSL for per-team registration, including player, and coach passes, scheduling and paid referees.
• Funding scholarships for players in need.
• Practice equipment per team.
• Coach Certification Courses.
• Insurance Costs.
• Field and facilities costs.
• Team logo, team gear and promotional costs.
• Tournament fees and miscellaneous costs.
• Pro trainers, when required. 

Refund Policy

If for some reason a player needs to withdraw after payment has been made, Sleepy Hollow FC has the following refund policy:
a. 100% refund, less $20.00 fee, if before August 1stb. 50% refund, less $20.00 fee if before August 20thc. 0% refund after the season starts

To reiterate, the club will provide no refunds after the start of the season, as club has already paid registration costs per player and
team costs to WYSL, and cannot recover any costs after start of season.

Thank you for understanding.