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Sleepy Hollow Football Club

Age Group Determination Chart

The following chart is for the Fall 2019 -  Spring 2020 season.  
"U" is for Under, for example 9U is under 9 years old, with a birthday not earlier than January 1, 2011.
Club Team Age Determination
9U:    Born in 2011
10U:  Born in 2010
11U:  Born in 2009
12U: Born in 2008
13U:  Born in 2007
14U:  Born in 2006
15U:  Born in 2005

Younger players who show exceptional skill can play "up" by up to one year. 
For example, a player born in 2010 will normally play in 10U, or may play "up" by no more than one year in 11U.

Players can never play down a year, regardless of size.

Players who wish to be evaluated to "play up" should come with a direct recommendation from a previous coach and may wish
to attend tryouts for both their birth year and the year they are looking to play up to.