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Sleepy Hollow Football Club

Coach Expense Reimbursement

Coach/Team Expense Reimbursement Guidelines

SHFC anticipates that from time to time it may provide reimbursement to appropriate/approved expenses
incurred for the benefit of our club teams. The following guidelines generally outline appropriate and inappropriate
expenses, but the Board reserves the right to deny reimbursement for any expense it believes, at its sole
discretion, is inappropriate or otherwise could reflect poorly upon SHFC and not in accordance with its mission and/or purpose.

If you have any questions or concerns with respect to expenses or their eligibility for reimbursement,
please reach out to the SHFC President, Vice President, Treasurer or a Board Member to discuss. 

  1. Training & Skills Development for
    1. Players (team activities only, not individual training)
    2. Coaches
    3. Trainer - Provided through pre-approved program or otherwise approved by SHFC Board
    4. Related facility expenses

  2. Tournament Entry Fees (including National Games)
    1. Requires SHFC President’s pre-approval
    2. Checks will be cut by SHFC Treasurer upon approval by President unless Tournament requires credit card payment

  3. Team Spirit & Rewards
    1. Should be coordinated as needed with Club and/or Team Branding
    2. Includes team celebrations and bonding activities
      1. Limited to $250 in the aggregate for the full-year season (Fall & Spring)
      2. Examples include:
        1. ice cream or other treats after a game or practice
        2. pizza parties or cookouts at the end of the season
      3. No alcohol will be reimbursed
      4. Reimbursement requests require a fully itemized receipt

  4. Club and/or Team Branding
    1. Also coordinated with Team Spirit & Rewards
    2. Branded bags and clothing
    3. Must be from an approved vendor

  5. Team specific equipment needs
    1. Purchase must be pre-approved by SHFC President
    2. Must be from an approved vendor
    3. All equipment becomes the property of SHFC
    4. Limit unit costs to $75

  6. Items NOT Reimbursed
    1. Coach Red Card penalty fee’s will NOT be reimbursed by SHFC and remain their personal expense
    2. Alcohol
    3. Other personal expenses that are not for the full team

  7. Other important information
    1. Reimbursement request submission requires a fully itemized receipt along with a fully completed reimbursement request form.
    2. Please obtain the necessary sign-offs and approvals from SHFC President and/or Vice President, prior to submission to the Treasurer.
    3. Please note that for purposes of expediency, the Treasurer is allowed to accept an email, from the SHFC President and/or Vice President, stating the expense has been reviewed and approved for documentation purposes.
    4. Please note that checks will be cut on a weekly basis, so please plan accordingly.

Reimbursement Request Form