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Sleepy Hollow Football Club

Season Dates

Fall Season
The first Westchester Youth Soccer League (WYSL) practice and games for fall usually commence the second weekend September, weather permitting, with a 10 game schedule. The final games will usually on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. There are no WYSL games over Columbus Day weekend, although some teams participate in various area tournaments at that time.

Spring Season
The first Westchester Youth Soccer League (WYSL) practice and games for spring usually commence the first weekend of April, weather permitting, with a 10 game schedule. The final games will typically be on third Sunday of June. There are no WYSL games over Memorial Day weekend, although this is also a popular tournament weekend.

Club teams should refer to the WYSL web site for individual team schedules, which are usually posted in early September and April.

Joining a Travel Team

Team formation for boys and girls teams, groups 9U and up, begin after competitive player evaluations are held in late April/May of each year. Please keep an eye on our home page for open tryouts in the spring.

Depending on the age group, there may be some additional team openings, pending individual evaluations past the tryout dates. However, all teams close by the third week of September, after which no players can be added to team rosters. 

For more info, contact the club coordinator directly about this, contact information as noted in the "About Us" tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to play on a club team?

Any player is eligible to register for an evaluation for the Sleepy Hollow Football Club. Competitive tryouts are held annually for both boys and girls groups starting every April. Club soccer starts at the 9U level.

Where do I register?

Final registration information is posted for accepted players in late April/early May, following competitive tryouts.  

How does the evaluation process work?

All players, both boys and girls divisions, that have registered for the assessment/tryouts in the spring, will be evaluated at the age specific sessions for 9U-11U age players. For 12U and older, players looking to join the club are evaluated individually with the existing club teams.

Assessments are held by age group and gender - not by teams. They are open to anyone that meets the age requirements. The sessions are typically one hour long and include small sided games. Club coaches evaluate the players.

How are players selected?

The SHFC selection committee reviews the evaluations and discusses and determines the placement of players. Players will be selected and placed on skill-appropriate teams and notifications usually go out within two weeks of the evaluation date.

Are all players selected?

Not all players may be selected for a club team, this is subject to availability of roster spots on our teams. Our goal is to have a fair and transparent selection process through competitive tryout process. We try to keep existing club teams together, but there is no guaranteed spot for any player. If a player is not selected for a club team, we offer playing opportunities and advise playing in Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow AYSO Core program, which is open to all players, and in many cases, may offer a more appropriate level of play.

What is the expected commitment for a club team?

Practices are typically one to three times a week, including Saturday AM, and often at least one weekday evening. Additional technical training and goalkeeper sessions by pro trainers may be provided by the club on scheduled days.

Games in the WYSL are always on Sunday afternoons, from12 noon (teen games as early as 9AM), and as late as 6PM. Make up of missed games due to weather may require additional weekend or weekday scheduling. In addition, many teams play in tournaments throughout the year (Memorial Day weekend and Columbus Day weekend are popular dates). Some teams play in indoor leagues or tournaments in the winter. 

Travel requirements/distances for most typical teams are within greater Westchester county, with some traveling further to Rockland County, New York City and lower Putnam and Connecticut. Players and their guardians must be prepared to travel to wherever games may be scheduled for.

Players and parents are expected to show commitment to the game, practice and travel requirements.

What is the cost to play on a club team?

Costs will vary by age, team and year. As of Fall season, base registration fee was $500 for the year, but is subject to increase. Additionally, there were minimum uniform costs of about $100 per player. Depending on a team's decision to have a pro trainers, special sessions, tournaments and so on, the total cost per year (Fall and Spring seasons) can range between $450 (no trainer, parent coaches) and up to $800 (full paid coaching, winter training, tournament fees, etc). 

Like Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow AYSO 220, SHFC does not reject players because of financial hardship, and limited scholarships may be available.

What is WYSL?

The Westchester Youth Soccer League (WYSL) was established in 1977 as a non-profit, educational organization, and is now one of the largest leagues in the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association (ENYYSA). The mission of the league is to foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of youth and build character through the sport of soccer. The WYSL and ENYYSA are both affiliates of the US Youth Soccer Association ("US Youth Soccer"), the largest member of the US Soccer Federation, the governing body for soccer in the United States. US Youth Soccer has over 3,000,000 players in all 50 states. 

What are the rule and regulations for WYSL?

Click here for regulations! 

How do I access my child's WYSL schedule?

Click here for WYSL schedules! 

How do I find a WYSL fields?

Click here for a listing of WYSL fields!

Do players in club teams also have to play in the AYSO Core program?

No. Players in the club team are not required, and likely would not be able to meet the commitments to also play in the AYSO Core program. 

Do you need volunteers?

Absolutely! Each team requires a team manager, usually one of the parents, to organize the registration, game schedule and finances of the team. In addition, if a parent is a qualified coach (WYSL/USC Coaching Certification, various age requirements) and desires to coach the team, he/she can be assigned as the team coach or assistant coach. Previous soccer experience and/or experience in an AYSO program is highly advised.

What if I have more questions?

Please see the "About Us" tab at the top for club contact info, including email addresses.