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Dec, 2019

SHFC Announces Anthony Patierno Joins Club as Coach Adviser

We hope everyone had a rewarding soccer experience this fall. Our program's strength comes from volunteer coaches and dedicated parents. We strive to provide an affordable and excellent soccer experience for our players, and consistently look for ways to help these coaches and players. We are very excited and pleased to announce that coach Anthony Patierno, the high school girls variety coach, will be joining SHFC to serve as our Coach Adviser. He will primarily focus on technical skills, while creating standardized, progressive and age-appropriate practices. Coach Patierno brings our caliber of coaching to a new level and will be an excellent resource to help the coaches provide the best possible experience for our 300 players.  

Coach Patierno will also coordinate with the high school boys varsity coach, and serve as a liaison to ease the transition for SHFC players moving into modified, junior varsity and varsity school sports. A former Division I NCAA player, Coach Patierno has extensive soccer experience. He is excited to see what the future holds with this partnership, as we build a solid and sustainable foundation of youth athletes within our community. Many of SHFC's players will eventually join TUFSD's athletic programs. In working with the coaching staff and athletes, the primary goal will be to increase the technical ability of all players/coaches, create a more unified and consistent style of play among all youth players in the two programs combined, and improve the effectiveness of individual training sessions. At the heart of all training programs will be the intentional development of core character-building skills, resulting in improved athletic development and individual capabilities over time.

SHFC plays in the Westchester Youth Soccer League (WYSL) where a high percentage of the competition uses paid coaches and trainers. SHFC is one club who predominantly functions thanks to the help of all-volunteer coaches. This enables us to keep costs affordable for our community.  SHFC supports our volunteer coaches and players with reimbursed coach training, an $1000 annual team stipend that is spent at the coach's discretion, providing free indoor space for winter training, and now by welcoming coach Patierno as Coach Adviser. Please review coach Patierno's resume at the following link.